Affiliate Links

This page is sponsored by several affiliate links to maintain business. These are products that I use myself, have used, and would purchase again. If you click a link within this site, you may be sent to an affiliate link, which will give me a commission at no extra cost to you.

Here is an upfront list of my favs:

  • Amazon I absolutely LOOOOOOVE Amazon!! I was slow to learn how truly amazing and versatile this site really is! I can order anything from movies, books, toys, clothes, dry goods like pastas and popcorn, and even diapers! The every day stuff that I don’t want to load up the kids in the car to pick up when I can plan ahead and stock up on. And with Amazon Prime, just $10/month, you can get same day (and even two hour) delivery on select items! They even deliver on Sundays!!! That’s on top of the well known discounted prices on items, endless array of music, movies, and TV shows you can stream from your internet devices
  • HomeSquare A great site for buying home furniture and appliances. They have many top brands at unbeatable prices and great deals. You can find anything from bedroom sets, dining room tables and hutches, kitchen islands, and office furniture. And until 1 April 2018, they are giving 70% off all bedroom sets!
  • Make Me Chic A women’s clothing site that offers amazing styles and accessories. I love this site because I’m not a real girl that likes spending hours going through all the stores at the mall, and they won’t let me drink wine while I shop like I do on the couch. (They really do need to start offering wine at the mall where you can walk around with fancy plastic cups and shop. I might start liking the mall). You can save 20% on your first order and free shipping on orders over $39.
  • Red Shelf and Audiobooks Now I am a slight troglodyte (someone that fears technology advancement and prefers archaic methods and devices) when it comes to certain things. I love books! I love the feel of them, the smell, and I want to live in a library! But digital eBooks and audio books are starting to grow on me. I like the idea of having a library of books with me on my smart phone or tablet, and having a book in the car that doesn’t get me honked at when the light turns green. Red Shelf is strictly for learning materials. They have textbooks that are affiliated with over 500 colleges and universities at a ridiculously low price! I found one of my anthropology textbooks that I spent $250 on for less than 100 bucks! And they have rental options for even less. Audiobooks Now is just that, audio books. But they have everything from best sellers to children’s books! Perfect for those long road trips or just something to listen to on your daily commute that isn’t the top 20 hits on a constant loop.
  • Art of Tea I am personally a coffee drinker, but I love this company because their teas are organic and directly imported from the source so there’s no fillers or skimping out on the goods! They are reasonably priced as well considering the caliber of their product. A one pound bag of Earl Grey (which makes about 240 cups of tea) is $58 plus shipping and handling. That’s roughly $70 for an almost year supply of tea, not bad at all! And again, I can order something from the comfort of my couch that will be sent to my house without having to load my kids in the car. If you can’t tell, that’s a HUGE plus in my family!
  • And last, but not least, Share A Sale This has been the easiest affiliate marketplace that I have found. The interface is amazing and it has a bookmark to allow quick links to your affiliate sites. It also works to find affiliate programs that you can apply for through Share a Sale for different websites that you browse. It’s easy to join (less than a day for approval) and easy to share. You can sign up as an affiliate, or you can promote your products with their merchant programs. It’s great for small businesses trying to expand their product, or bloggers looking for something new to work with. I strongly recommend this marketplace!!